Interesting or noteworthy appearances of UAB in local and national news.

Parkinson's Grant Awarded to UAB Researcher
(WBRC-TV, Birmingham)
The University of Alabama at Birmingham says one of their researchers will soon be getting a hand when it comes to finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease. Dr. Ryan Walsh was one of 14 nationwide recipients for awards totaling $1.2 million from the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. Walsh's research focuses on the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and treatment along with experimental MRI studies on the effect of Parkinson's on the brain.

(WSFA-TV, Montgomery)



White House Unveils Strategy Against HIV/AIDS
(Los Angeles Times)

"To me, these are the most important issues to address today," said Dr. Michael Saag, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine and chairman of the HIV Medical Assn. "There are a large number of people in the United States who are infected with HIV and don't know it.... The tragedy right now is that we don't have the opportunity to treat a lot of people who have never been tested," he said.


Our View: UAB Is on the Forefront of a Possible Cure for Sickle Cell
(Birmingham News)

UAB researchers are continuing to make progress on their way to what could be a cure for sickle cell disease. Although team leader Tim Townes said the big payoff is probably still years away, it's gratifying to hear that headway is being made.



The Truth About Sunscreen
(Dr. Ann Louise)
Substances like grape seed and resveratrol in grapes and wine as well as silymarin in the liver-protective herb milk thistle, have been found to prevent oxidative stress, DNA damage, and UV-induced skin inflammation, according to dermatology researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.




Tiny Heart Pump Can Add Years to Lives; UAB Tests It on Sickest Patients
(Birmingham News)

"People can live for years on these devices," said Dr. Salpy Pamboukian, a cardiologist and the medical director for the University of Alabama at Birmingham's VAD team. After years of research trials at UAB and other medical centers, using volunteer patients like Bean to improve survival rates and test second-generation pumps, the FDA in January approved the pumps for "destination therapy."



UAB Biology Student Awarded Knauss Fellowship
(Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium)
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) biology graduate student Andrew Coleman has been awarded a highly competitive 2011 John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship. The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium endorsed his application for the fellowship, which is sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Sea Grant College Program.




Students Soak in Birmingham Civil Rights History
(Birmingham News)
About 200 students from Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and North Carolina met at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on Friday and will return today for a competition testing their knowledge about the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.