Noteworthy appearances of UAB in local and national news.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Elects Ray L. Watts as Senior VP, Dean of School of Medicine at UAB

(Medical Education Watch)
Ray Watts, the president of the UA Health Services Foundation and chair of the neurology department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has been named dean of the medical school there.  The university announced today that Watts will take over from retiring dean Robert Rich on Oct. 1.

People on the Move: August 2

(Birmingham Business Journal - Health Care)
Jay M. McDonald, professor in the Department of Pathology and director of the Center for Metabolic Bone Diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, recently received the American Association for Clinical Chemistry's Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine for 2010.

Caring Foundation Awards Grant to UAB Health Center Montgomery

(Montgomery Advertiser)
The UAB Health Center Montgomery has been awarded a grant by the Caring Foundation of Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Alabama in support of the program's continuing medical education activities. This is the second consecutive year that the UAB Health Center has been the recipient of a grant from the Caring Foundation for this purpose.

Teachers Become Students to Be More Effective in the Classroom

(North Jefferson News)
"We've found that's very powerful for the teachers, for somebody who's been there and done that and who knows what works to train the teachers in different learning styles," said Karen Wood, director of AMSTI at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

UAB Study to Boost Muscle Mass in Older Adults

(WBRC-TV, Birmingham)
Researchers at UAB are taking a hard look at an over-the-counter supplement that might help seniors avoid age-related muscle loss. The University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Nutrition Sciences, in a statement to FOX6 News, said it is looking at Juven, a nutritional supplement manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and used for wound-healing, to see if it can also help build muscle in older adults.

(WSFA-TV, Montgomery)

Study Examines Diabetes and Gum Disease Connection

(WBRC-TV, Birmingham)
UAB is one of three sites across the country preparing a study to find out if the treatment of gum disease improves control of diabetes. The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry, in a statement to FOX6 News, said it is recruiting patients for a clinical trial to test whether the treatment of chronic periodontitis, or gum disease, improves control of Type 2 diabetes.

Should Diabetes Risk Keep Older Women From Giving Birth?

(Health, Beauty and Fitness)
That's what the larger research at University of Alabama at Birmingham (led by Ali Ahmed, M.D., MPH, bedfellow professor in the division of gerontology, geriatrics again palliative care and director of UAB's Geriatric Heart Failure Clinic further Geriatric Heart Failure Research) is telling us: "Our results suggest that heart blunder patients should typify considerably evaluated for the deed of diabetes and if certain is present, should be intensively managed based on published guidelines. Further studies should test typical interventions and make it new ones to decrease the adverse effects of diabetes in bull's eye failure patients in general, and among older adults in particular."

Many HIV-Exposed Infants in African Countries Not Receiving Medication to Help Prevent HIV

(Medical News Today)
Jeffrey S. A. Stringer, M.D., of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia, presented the findings of the study at a JAMA media briefing at the International AIDS conference in Vienna.

Alabamians Paying Down Their Credit Card Debt

(WIAT-TV, Birmingham)
"Hopefully it's not just a fad. Hopefully it's not just a trend that something's come up because of the economy because, oh, all of a sudden, everybody's talking about it, so it must be the 'in' thing to do," said Dr. Stephanie Rauterkus, finance professor at UAB.

University of Alabama at Birmingham Student Initiative Focuses on Food and Hunger

(Birmingham News)
From working in commu­nity gardens to volunteering at Birmingham-area food banks, UAB students have a new mission starting this fall: tackling the issues be­hind food and hunger.