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Does Chicken Pox Protect Against Skin Condition?


Kids who get chickenpox may be less likely to develop atopic dermatitis and asthma when they're older than their peers who don't get chickenpox - including those that are vaccinated against it, suggests a new study. Dr. David Kimberlin M.D.,, who studies pediatrics and infectious diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, cautioned about taking too much away from a study that looked back at medical records, rather than one that started with a group of kids and followed them for a number of years.

(FOX News)



UAB Doctor Offers Tips for Handling the Heat


Whether it's walking, mowing, or more strenuous activity, it's important to consider the amount of time you give it in this heat. "If it is someone who never goes out and they decide to mow the lawn, they'll be hot, weak and dizzy maybe within 30 minutes to an hour, "says Dr. Bobby Lewis, an ER doctor at UAB.



Facebook Woes of Less Careful Users

(Help Net Security)

Gary Warner, Director of Research in Computer Forensics at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, says be careful of clicking on links posted on friends' Facebook pages. If you are not careful and suspicious enough, you might miss the fact that the page is not hosted on Facebook, and hand over the information to scammers that will use it to hijack your account and use it to post links to further schemes.



UAB Gets $1.7 Million for Autism Research

(Birmingham Business Journal)

The UAB School of Public Health was awarded a $1.7 million grant to help better identify autism spectrum disorders in Alabama children. This year, UAB researchers will include school data in conjunction with  clinical data collected since 2002, said Martha Wingate, an assistant  professor in the Department of Health Care Organization and Policy and the lead investigator on the CDC grant.