September 17, 2010

New dorm, classroom and research buildings in five-year plan at University of Alabama at Birmingham

(Birmingham News)
In the next five years, the University of Alabama at Birmingham wants to add a new College of Arts and Sciences Building, new buildings for biomedical research and another dormitory, university officials told the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees on Thursday.

Precursor to HIV was in monkeys for millennia

(New York Times)
Beatrice H. Hahn, a virologist from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a discoverer of the simian virus, called the study "a very nice paper," adding, "This is what people like us have been looking for."

(Gainesville Sun)

Breaking away from a parent company as a spinoff is never easy

Mickey Gee, marketing and entrepreneurship instructor at University of Alabama at Birmingham, said there are a number of considerations for a business looking to spin off from a parent business.

inter-ART-ive party kicks off Stephens Center festival today

The third annual inter-ART-ive party gets under way Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Alys Stephens Center. This year's free event will focus on percussion and world music and will kick off the center's 11-day Opening Festival, which will bring Disney's Choo-Choo Soul, the Mass Ensemble, Liza Minnelli and Southern Danceworks.


September 16, 2010

New balance machine at UAB's Spain Rehabilitation Center helps patients get their footing

(Birmingham News)
Julia Crawford has walked with a cane since recovering from a stroke in June, and although she can get around, she worries about falling.

UAB receives $1.4 million grant for research

(Birmingham Business Journal)
The University of Alabama at Birmingham received $1.4 million Wednesday to develop, implement and test strategies to increase effectiveness of health care research on racial and ethnic minority populations.

Your internet postings could compromise your safety

(WBRC-TV, Birmingham)
Gary Warner is an expert in computer forensics at UAB. He says sites like Facebook and Twitter are great places for information.

UAB plans to take out $100 million in bonds for campus projects

(Birmingham News)
The University of Alabama at Birmingham plans to take out $100 million in bonds to help pay for a new steam system and other projects on campus.

Trampoline exercise tips

Although safety-net enclosures do provide some protection, parents still must supervise their children to prevent them from performing risky stunts, according to the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

September 15, 2010

UAB and law enforcement fight cybercrime with Operation Swordphish

(Birmingham News)
An initiative called Operation Swordphish will bring together UAB's cybercrime research team and law enforcement officials from across the state to target an epidemic of computer-based fraud, officials said Tuesday.

September 14, 2010

Good Day Alabama for September 13, 2010

(WBRC-TV, Birmingham)
The Fourth Annual Suits 4 Success clothing drive kicks off today and runs through Friday. The drive aims to collect lightly worn women's business clothing appropriate for office or retail settings for disadvantaged women who are trying to return to or enter the work force.

Inter-ART-ive free music event Thursday Alys Stephens Center

If you dig music and drum circles head over to Alys Stephens Center Thursday for the free Inter-ART-ive event.

September 13, 2010

UAB enrollment hits record high

(Montgomery Advertiser)
Fall enrollment at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is at an all-time high.

People on the move: Sept. 13

(Birmingham Business Journal)
Stephanie Rauterkus, an assistant professor of finance at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has launched a personal-finance blog "365 Days on a Budget" at

UAB engineers keeping busy with NASA work

(WBRC-TV, Birmingham)
Engineers at the University of Alabama Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering(CBSE) will continue to stay busy at the request of NASA.

Rates for Jefferson County sewer payers are going to rise, but how high isn't clear

(Birmingham News)
Andreas Rauterkus, a finance professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said Young's figures aren't random.

18 water systems in state stopped adding fluoride

(Montgomery Advertiser)
Dr. John Thornton, a pediat­ric dentist and associate dean of University of Alabama at Bir­mingham's School of Dentistry, said with decades of research backing it up, it is a proven fact that drinking fluoridated water reduces tooth decay by 40 per­cent or more.

Clues to gene disorder that spurs overeating

(Philadelphia Inquirer)
These patients can help researchers "better understand the genes and brain circuits that are driving the current childhood obesity epidemic," said geneticist Theresa Strong at the University of Alabama at Birmingham whose son, 16, has Prader-Willi.

Cotton prices skyrocket on shortage

(WSFA-TV, Montgomery)
UAB marketing professor Mickey Gee says the U.S. imports a lot of it's raw cotton.

UAB medical students collecting supplies for homeless in Pakistan

Medical students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are collecting supplies for flood victims in Pakistan, where more than 4 million people are homeless, according to United Nations estimates.