The Contracts team under the Federal Division within OSP is responsible for supporting UAB’s faculty and staff by partnering to coordinate successful submissions and negotiations, providing guidance with the goal of maintaining institutional, regulatory and sponsor compliance in accordance with established standards, and training and other tools in sponsored program related activities which are made possible by contract funding received from U.S. Government Agencies. The funding mechanisms include, but are not limited to, contracts, cooperative agreements, and subcontracts which are governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations.


Through its acquisition activities, the U.S. Federal Government buys products and services to support, conduct and acquire both basic and applied behavioral and biomedical research. Service acquisitions range from building construction to complex clinical trials. Product acquisitions range from basic office, medical and information technology supplies and equipment to sophisticated state-of-the-art biomedical equipment and systems.


Federal contracts are by nature more specific and less flexible than other funding mechanisms such as federal grants. They also require more preparation and supporting material and are subject to more strict oversight than federal grants. Additional information is available by clicking on the topics below.