UAB students and trainees have many options for the direction they choose for their careers. Graduates take a variety of routes as they leave this University. Many will enter a Postdoc at UAB or a variety of different universities, companies or agencies. Others will enter the workforce in the areas of education, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, government agencies, and a multitude of other areas.

It is very important that you thoroughly investigate your career options, gathering as much information about the industry, the market and individual employers/schools as possible. Self-assessment is the first step in gathering information. Other sources of viable information are printed materials, internet-based information, people in the field and your own personal experience. The more information you gather, the better prepared you will be to build a career story. Information will also help you do the following:

  • Uncover new career areas not previously considered
  • Gain insight into current and future trends in your field
  • Learn the jargon and important issues
  • Obtain advice on where you might fit in
  • Broaden your own network of contacts

UAB aims to provide support, no matter which path you choose to follow for your career. In this Explore section you find resources to help you explore yourself as an individual as well as various career fields.

Now, go exploring!