Beginning this month, BlazerBucks will become the new form of payment accepted for printing services at Lister Hill and Sterne libraries, says Shira Fogel, business officer for the CampusCard Office in Student Affairs.

“The change affects anyone who uses printing services at these locations,” Fogel says. “BlazerBucks replaces our old payment system, where funds were stored on the card itself, with a system that works in conjunction with the CampusCard System. The CampusCard works like a bank debit card; funds are stored in an account, not on the card, which makes it more secure.”

Employees can add funds to their BlazerBucks account via the CampusCard Web site at, at the CampusCard Office in Room 158 of Hill University Center or through machines at various locations on campus.

Cardholders also can use the CampusCard Web site to view their transaction history, monitor their account activity, and freeze their account if their card is lost or stolen.

“It’s just like online banking,” Fogel says. BlazerBucks functions as a declining balance account for purchases at the UAB Ticket Office, Blazer Bookstore, all campus restaurant locations, residence hall laundry facilities and other on- and off-campus locations. Also, if you lose your CampusCard, your money will remain in your account. If your card was lost under the old system, any money left on it was lost, too.

Employees have the option of getting a CampusCard with their photo and name linked to their BlazerID for $3 at the CampusCard Office. Employees also can have their security badges encoded with their CampusCard card number, eliminating the need for two cards.

“Some employees don’t want a second card and that’s OK,” Fogel says. “We have the ability to encode the magnetic stripe on recent physical security badges and it doesn’t interfere with building access privileges. You will still be able to enter your building, parking deck or any other place your card has been programmed for you to enter.”

Guest cards can be purchased for $1 at card dispensers in Lister Hill, Sterne and the HUC. Guest card accounts are not linked to the cardholder’s BlazerID, making online services unavailable for guest card accounts.

Old print/copy cards that still have money on them will be honored at the libraries, but you will not be able to add funds to those cards.

Visit to learn more.