The UAB Office of Human Resources has announced that as of Jan.1, full-time regular, part-time regular and 3/12 hour shift employees are now able to use up to three days of their accrued sick time for the care of children, a spouse or parents who do not reside in the same household as the employee.

While in almost all cases both spouses will reside in the same household, this change will recognize the fact that an increasing number of employees have spouses that live apart from them for short or long periods of time. Sick time granted for an illness or injury of an eligible family member may be granted up to a maximum of three days in any one calendar year and must be approved by the employee’s immediate supervisor. Part-time regular employees will be granted prorated days of sick-time use in accordance with their assigned FTE rate.

The changes in sick-time use were approved by President Carol Garrison, Ph.D., based on a recommendation from the Fringe Benefits Committee.

Previously, employees had to use other accrued benefit time in order to care for immediate family outside of their household. This change does not add any additional days/hours to the sick-time accruals or change the existing policy that allows sick time to be taken for anyone who resides in an employee’s household.

For questions regarding the use of sick time or any other leave, please contact an HR consultant or the Human Resources Records Administration Office at 934-4408.