The Faculty Affairs Committee of the UAB Faculty Senate will begin an online administrator evaluation and feedback process at the end of August that continues through the first weeks of September.

The goal is to provide the president and provost with valid, constructive feedback from full-time regular UAB faculty that may enhance their effectiveness as administrators, inform goal-setting and planning activities and foster their communication with faculty and staff.

The evaluations will be conducted by the Individual Development and Educational Assessment Center (IDEA), which is affiliated with Kansas State University. Faculty will be notified via e-mail messages from IDEA and will have two weeks to complete each of the online evaluations; the heading of the e-mail message will contain the IDEA acronym.

The evaluation form will allow faculty to rate evaluation items and make comments. Responses will be aggregated by IDEA, which will send the reports to the chair of the faculty. The president and provost will receive their individual evaluations, including a summary of comments made by participants.

Subsequently, a summary tabular report —although not the comments — will be shared with the appropriate supervisor (chancellor or president) of each administrator. The tabular results then will be available, in paper form, to the faculty upon request at the Faculty Senate office.

All full-time regular faculty members are requested to participate. A response rate of 65 percent is needed to assure validity of the results.

Direct questions or concerns regarding the IDEA evaluation process to Stephanie Belcher at , Chair of the Faculty Pat Greenup at or Faculty Affairs Committee Chair Mark Lockhart at .