Warren Martin, Ph.D., professor of business, will become chair-elect, and Jennifer Long, senior assistant librarian for Mervyn Sterne Library, will remain secretary of the UAB Faculty Senate for the 2007-08 term in elections conducted in April. These elections were held to select a new chair-elect and secretary of the senate plus academic unit representatives and their alternates for the period June 1 to May 31, 2008.  Chair-elect Pat Greenup, Ph.D., associate professor of clinical lab sciences, will replace outgoing Chair Joe March, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, in the new term.   

Elected senators for the new term are Stephen Moser, Ph.D., professor, Joint Health Sciences; Daniel Siegel, Ph.D., assistant professor, Arts & Humanities; Theodore Bos, Ph.D., professor, Business; Michelle Robinson, D.D.S., associate professor, Dentistry; Melanie Shores, Ph.D., assistant professor, Education; Robert Peters, Ph.D., professor, Engineering; William Ogard, Ph.D., assistant professor, Health Professions; Albert Pierce, M.D., assistant professor, Medicine; Chander Raman, Ph.D., assistant professor, Medicine; Brooke Becker, assistant librarian, Mervyn Sterne Library; Jeanne Hutchison, Ph.D., assistant professor, Natural Sciences & Mathematics; Linda Reed, Ph.D., assistant professor, Nursing; Adam Gordon, O.D., clinical associate professor, Optometry; Nianjun Liu, Ph.D., assistant professor, Public Health; and Rex Wright, Ph.D., professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Alternate senators for the new term are Robert Kesterson, Ph.D., assistant professor, Joint Health Sciences; Nichole Griffith, instructor, Arts & Humanities; Joe Walker, Ph.D., associate professor, Business; Andrei Barasch, D.M.D., associate professor, Dentistry; Laura Talbott, Ph.D., assistant professor, Education; Uday Vaidya, Ph.D., professor, Engineering; Janelle Chiasera, Ph.D., associate professor, Health Professions; Mark Lockhart, M.D., associate professor, Medicine; Alexander Szalai, Ph.D., associate professor, Medicine; Heather Martin, associate librarian, Mervyn Sterne Library; Craig McClure, Ph.D., assistant professor, Natural Sciences & Mathematics; Joy Deupree, instructor, Nursing; Melanie Crook, O.D.; assistant professor, Optometry; Kui Zhang, Ph.D., research assistant professor, Public Health; and Christopher Robinson, Ph.D., assistant professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Elected representatives to the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee for the new term are Rose Scripa, Ph.D., professor, Engineering; Nicole Mitchell, instructor, Lister Hill Library; Craig Beard, senior assistant librarian, Mervyn Sterne Library; James Ward, Ph.D., professor, Natural Sciences & Mathematics; and Joan Grant, D.S.N., professor, Nursing.

Visit the UAB Faculty Senate’s Web site for information about its activities.