Forty years is a long time to be in one place, but Fred Wallace seems to engage in every day at UAB as if it were his first.

Wallace, an associate in the Department of Surgery, will be honored this month for 40 years of service to the university in the field of computers, electronics and research. He will join more than 220 people with 20 or more years of service to UAB to be honored during the annual Service Awards Program. The event will be held Friday, Feb. 16, with a luncheon for the employees with 20 or more years of service scheduled for noon at the Double Tree Hotel Heritage Room.

A reception for more than 1,090 employees who will be recognized for five or more years of service will be held at 3 p.m. that afternoon, also in the Heritage Room at the Double Tree Hotel.

Wallace began his UAB career in the Department of Physiology as an electronic research technician before moving to the Department of Surgery shortly before the arrival of John Kirklin, M.D. Kirklin immediately recognized Wallace’s work ethic and intelligence and put him to work with Lou Sheppard, Ph.D., to design and build the world’s first closed-loop surgical, computer-based, intensive-care unit for patients recovering from cardiac operations. It wasn’t always easy work, but the benefits to UAB and the patients at the hospital were immediate.

Wallace recalls that most of interface electronics in the early days were built and maintained by UAB.

“We here at UAB wrote the textbook on the patient closed-loop data-management system,” Wallace says.

The computer-based intensive-care unit remained one of the only such units in the world for more than two decades. Surgical teams from around the world would visit the unit and marvel at its effectiveness, “but they couldn’t figure out how to do it themselves,” he says.

It has been only since the early 1990s that industry was able to fully implement similar digital platforms to support physician and nursing care for ICU patients. Wallace continues to work with the UAB Cardiovascular ICU to support several customized applications that have yet to be manufactured by others, and spends a great deal of his time immersed in cardiovascular research and teaching. It’s different for someone who has worked his entire life with electronics and computers, but it’s very rewarding.

“Working with computers and electronics is good,” he says. “But doing something to help people is important. Making someone feel better is one of the best feelings you can have.”
Wallace has been making people feel better at UAB with his work, his sharp wit and his effervescent personality for 40 years. He doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

This year’s other honorees are:

Honored 35-year recipients
Jacqueline Abrams (Bulk Mail); Thomas L. Caldwell (Campus Maintenance); William E. Dismukes ?(Infectious Diseases);  Dr. Vithal K. Ghanta (Biology); Thomas J. Harris (Campus Maintenance); James M. Ledbetter (Psych - Public Sector); Dr. Jack E. Lemons (Prosthodontics); Dr. Ken R. Marion (Biology); Dr. Seng-jaw Soong (Hematology & Oncology); Dr. Jerry G. Spenney (Gastroenterology); Dr. Sergio Stagno (Pediatrics Chair Office); Dr. Joseph G. Van Matre (Finance, Economics & Quantitative Methods); Dorothy J. Webster (Building Services); Dr. Richard J. Whitley (Pediatric Infectious Disease)

Honored 30-year recipients
Dr. J B. Andrews (Materials Science & Engineering); Linda P. Austin (Comprehensive Cancer Center); Albert B. Barnett (Campus Maintenance); Margaret H. Bish (Blazer Bookstore); Dr. James Buckley (Mathematics); Terry L. Carrigan ?(Customer Services); Mary E. Chambers (Clinical Pathology); Charles R. Clark (SBS Dean’s Office); John C. Cook (Design Build Construction); Tracey Craddock (Office IRB For Human Use); M C. Daniell (Blazer Bookstore); Lynn B. Duffy (Pathology Chair Office); Debra W. Duke (Pediatric Surgery); Addie B. Duke (Blazer Bookstore); Debra G. Givens (History); Mark Goldberg (Preventive Medicine); Dr. Robert L. Goldenberg (OB/GYN Chair Office); Linda W. Goodson (Center For Community Health Resources & Development); Dr. Lila V. Graves (English); Dorothy W. Hand (Building Services); Dr. Tim J. Heaven (Comprehensive Dentistry); Dr. Horace Huntley (Athletics Department Administration); Dr. N. R. Krishna (Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics); Dr. Hiromi Kubagawa (Laboratory Medicine); Dr. Dellita L. Martin-Ogunsola (Foreign Languages); Patricia S. Meginniss (SBS Dean’s Office); Robert L. Miller (Campus Maintenance); Dr. Richard B. Morawetz (Neurosurgery); Dr. George M. Munchus (Management, Marketing & Industrial Distribution); Dr. Kathleen G. Nelson (General Pediatrics); Dr. Robert F. Pass (Pediatric - Infectious Disease); Dr. Gregory E. Pence (Philosophy); Nancy O. Pinson (Public Health Student & Academic Affairs); Ollie S. Powers (Accounting & Information Systems); Cecelia J. Pridmore (Print Plant); Dr. David G. Pritchard (Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics); Betty H. Richardson (Building Services); Mary L. Ross (Mervyn H. Sterne Library); Dr. Percival L. Sadowsky (Orthodontics); Dr. Rosalia N. Scripa (Assoc Provost Fac Dev/Affairs); Louis E. Slovensky (Office Of VP Financial Affairs & Admin); Dr. Donna J. Slovensky (B.S. In Health Sciences); Charles J. Sweeney (Post Office); Dr. John B. Thornton (Pediatric Dentistry); Dr. Hymie R. Vinik (Anesthesiology Chair Office); Dr. Michele Wilson (Sociology); Dr. Michael V. Yester (Radiology Chair Office)

Honored 25-year recipients
Dr. Franklin R. Amthor (Psychology); Dr. Kathleen H. Berecek (Physiology & Biophysics); Bobby Brake (Infrastructure Services); Sandra G. Calloway (Cardio-vascular/ Thoracic Surgery); Monica V. Collins (Pediatric Neonatology); Dr. James E. Cox (Psychology); Sandra Dangerfield (HRM Hosp Support Svcs (ret 06)); Dr. Mardell Davis (Nursing Undergraduate Program); Dr. Gabriel A. Elgavish (Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics); Dr. Ada Elgavish (Genomics); Dr. Fouad H. Fouad (Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering); Jane Garrison (Infectious Diseases); Harriet H. Gilmer (Office of VP Financial Affairs & Admin); Aubrey H. Glasscock (University Police); Bette K. Go (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation); David G. Green (Electrical & Computer Engineering); Dr. William E. Grizzle (Anatomic Pathology); Brenda C. Harbison (Academic Programs & Policy); Lisa A. Herlong (SHP Dean’s Office); Debra A. Hewlett (General Clinical Research Center); Wanda P. Holzschuh (Immunology/ Rheumatology); Sandra K. Hudson (School Of Education Dean’s Office); Dr. John W. Hutchings (English); Dr. Howard L. Irving (Music); Shirley G. Johnson (Clinical Lab Sciences Division); George L. Johnson (Campus Maintenance); Shari L. Jordan (Preventive Medicine); Clark G. Kelley (Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics); Judith L. King (Center For Labor Education & Research); Charles R. Lacks (Print Plant); Juanita W. Lenyard (Family & Community Medicine Chair Office); Theresa Logan (Medical Education); Cheryl D. McClain (Dept of Medicine Chair Office); Barbara M. McDowell (University Computer Center); Jo E. McGhee (Physical Security (est 05)); Judy L. Mann (Comprehensive Dentistry); Cynthia L. Millican (Vision Science Research Center); Dr. William K. Nonidez (Chemistry); William S. Odom (Campus Maintenance); Dr. Burton R. Patterson (Materials Science & Engineering); Linda D. Pleasant (Comprehensive Cancer Center); Doretta M. Potts (International Scholar & Student Services); Judy A. Price (Microbiology); Dr. Marlon L. Priest (Emergency Medicine Chair Office); Brad Rodu (Clinical Pathology); Jeffrey C. Sellers (Comprehensive Cancer Center); Chris D. Shoemaker (Center For Biophysical Sciences/ Engineering); Deborah R. Sirles (Microbiology); Lucinda Smith (Pharmacology/ Toxicology Chair’s Office); Dr. Robert E. Stanford (Finance, Economics & Quantitative Methods); Dr. Christopher Truss (Gastroenterology); Dr. Marshall M. Urist (General Surgery Oncology Section); Dr. Pam Varner (Anesthesiology Chair Office); Kim A. Wellborn (Office Of The President); Peter O. Welte (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation); Dr. John W. Wittig (Communication Studies); Kim M. Woodward (Radiology Chair Office); Nancy H. Wooldridge (Pediatric Pulmonary)

Honored 20-year recipients
Michael P. Agent (Campus Maintenance); Dr. Jerry Aldridge (School Of Education Dean’s Office); Karen O. Allen (Hematology & Oncology); Dr. Richard M. Allman (Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine); Mary E. Amerson (Diagnostic Sciences); Dr. Peter G. Anderson (Molecular & Cellular Pathology); Diane T. Baer (Cystic Fibrosis Research Center); Gredda C. Bailey (Office Of Asst VP Enrollment Services); Nancy M. Bell (Nutrition Sciences/Physiology & Metabolism); Dr. William H. Benjamin (Laboratory Medicine); Dr. Etty Benveniste (Cell Biology); Dr. Wanda K. Bernreuter (Radiology Chair Office); Paul E. Billings (Comprehensive Cancer Center); Dr. J E. Blalock (Physiology & Biophysics); Dr. Janet M. Bronstein (Health Care Organization & Policy); Keli C. Broome (Microbiology); Janice M. Brumbeloe (Clinical Genetics); Dr. James K. Bubien (Physiology & Biophysics); Patricia A. Burchfield (Center For Comm Health Resources & Development); Dianne Caddell (Preventive Medicine); Dr. John A. Caldwell (Medical Education); Robert T. Collum (Office Of Asst VP Occupational Health & Safety); Jan E. Comer (Surgery-Urology); Dr. Edwin W. Cook (Psychology); Gregg A. Cooper (University Police); Roger F. Coshatt (Hospital Maintenance); Carla R. Cothran (Neurology Chair Office); Regina M. Craig (Clinical Genetics); Carol C. Crisp (Preventive Medicine); Linda L. Cusimano (Comprehensive Cancer Center); James A. Davis (Campus Maintenance); Dr. Mark H. Deierhoi (Transplantation Surgery); Lloyd W. Dickey (Hospital Maintenance); Michael D. Downing (Hospital Maintenance); Sharon A. Dudley (Comprehensive Cancer Center); Dr. Thomas P. Edmonds (Accounting & Information Systems); Tracy L. Faircloth (Nursing Graduate Programs); Eric C. Farr (Hospital Maintenance); Paula A. Faucett (General Surgery Trauma Section); Lou A. Faulkner (Research Compliance Office); Dr. Dale S. Feldman (Biomedical Engineering); Sandra K. Free (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology); Gerald M. Fuller (Cellular Biology); Dr. David W. Garber (Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine); Pamala C. Gibson (Physiology & Biophysics); Dr. Renitta Goldman (School Of Education Dean’s Office); Dr. Hernan E. Grenett (Cardiovascular Disease); Dawn M. Grill (Microbiology); Barbara M. Grill (Department Of Medicine Chair Office); Tracey A. Gwaltney (Gastroenterology); Regina H. Hand (Office Of Assoc VP Development & Alumni); Dr. Joseph G. Harrison (Physics); Alyce Hartley (HRM Organizational Development); Virginia F. Heaton (Clinical Pathology); Royal Y. Herring (Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism); Samuel R. Hill (Grounds); Clyde L. Houser (Hospital Maintenance); Mark A. Jacques (Hospital Maintenance);     Dr. David B. Joseph (Surgery - Urology); Kathryn H. Junkins (Anesthesiology Chair Office); Dr. G N. Kay (Cardiovascular Disease); Dr. John I. Kennedy (Pulmonary/Allergy/Critical Care); Dr. Coral A. Lamartiniere (Pharmacology/Toxicology Chair’s Office); Dr. Jeannette Y. Lee (Hematology & Oncology); Dr. James R. Light (Huntsville OB/GYN Progam); Blanche B. Logsdon (Surgery - Orthopaedic); Dr. Richard B. Marchase (Office Of VP Research); Dr. Wendy Marsh-Tootle (Optometry); Beverly A. Martin (Pulmonary/Allergy/Critical Care); Mary J. Mason (Developmental & Clinical Immunology); John P. McArdle (Campus Maintenance); Susan B. Miller (Nutrition Sciences - Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Division); Jean K. Mohnen (Gastroenterology);  Dianne M. Moon (Telecommunications); Glenda P. Moon (Office Of Asst VP Occupational Health & Safety); Dr. Sarah L. Morgan (Nutrition Sciences - Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Division); Joan H. Ohrn (Development & Alumni Services); Dr. John Owen (OB/GYN Chair Office); Dr. C R. Parker (OB/GYN Chair Office); Carlton Patterson (Building Services); Dr. Gilbert J. Perry (Cardiovascular Disease); Connie Preston (Infectious Diseases); Rebecca A. Price (Infectious Diseases); Stanley K. Putnam (Office Of VP Student Affairs); Dr. P K. Quinlan (English); Brian L. Rosenow (School Of Optometry Dean’s Office); Dr. David L. Roth (Biostatistics); Dr. Richard M. Shewchuk (Health Services Administration Chair Office); Vincent J. Sims (University Police); Dr. Mark Swanson (Optometry); Dr. Edward Taub (Psychology); Dr. Boryi Tsay (Accounting & Information Systems); Dr. Ken B. Waites (Laboratory Medicine); Nancy C. Walburn (General Studies); Carol A. Walker (Preventive Medicine); Dr. Douglas A. Weigent (Physiology & Biophysics); Diane I. Weigent (Physiology & Biophysics); Dr. Eta B. Weiss (M.S. in Health Informatics Program); Dr. Rosalyn E. Weller (Psychology); Joe R. Williams (Nurse Anesthesia Program); Iris E. Williams (HRM Organizational Development); Sharon C. Wise (Post Office); Dr. Paul E. Wolkowicz (Cardiovascular Disease); Anthony F. Zagar (Radiology Chair Office)