As part of UAB’s ongoing efforts to ensure data security, the university is eliminating the use of employee Social Security Numbers as an on-campus identifier.

Effective this month, the university’s central administration and internal deducting departments will begin using only employee identification numbers and/or BlazerIDs as accepted identifiers. (Note: Some reporting agencies will still require the use of Social Security numbers.)

New employees are assigned their identification number at the time of employment; the requester of an employee’s ACT document is e-mailed that number when the ACT document reaches “complete” status. New employees are also encouraged to establish a BlazerID at the time they are hired.

All active employees and trainees will receive an e-mail explaining the change and providing them their employee identification number and their BlazerID.

Employees also can find their ID number in the Oracle Self-Service application ( ) and/or on the print copy of their payroll or direct deposit advice form.

Employees who do not have a BlazerID are encouraged to create one at .