Got a big event to plan on campus? What about off campus? If so, UAB Campus Catering could be just what you need to spice up your special occasion.

From a formal dinner to meeting break refreshments, UAB Campus Catering offers it all: creative menus, elegant presentations and thoughtful service to provide your guests with a memorable dining experience, says Director of Catering Irene Hanley.

“We cater on campus or off campus, and we will do all we can to help make your event special,” Hanley says.

How can UAB Campus Catering help you? What can you do to ensure you receive the best bang for your buck? Hanley gave answers to those questions and more in a recent chat with the UAB Reporter.

Q. How far in advance should I schedule my event with you?

A. We prefer to be made aware of the event no less than two weeks ahead of time to ensure we produce to exact customer expectations. When we’re given more lead time we can become more involved with your event. If there are special themes or service protocol, we can assist in planning.

Q. What happens after I place my catering order?

A. A catering contract will be generated and sent to the customer. Once the contract is signed, the event is booked. Changes can be made up to three days prior to your event. At the conclusion of the event a final invoice will be sent to your office. As with placing an order, getting the information on your event to us ahead of time ensures a speedy billing process.

Q. What can you serve for my event?

A. Anything you can imagine. We do have a foundational catering menu available online at , but what is listed on it is not the limit of what we have to offer; we also have working-luncheon menus available to help you choose the right food for your meetings. We can do things as simple as boxed lunches or as fancy as a sushi display that is handmade by UAB Campus Catering chefs — anything that works within most budgets and meets your needs. We can serve carved ostrich meat, fillet, intricate appetizers, simple continental breakfasts, gourmet desserts and even take care of wedding receptions. About 60 percent of an event’s menu is personalized or customized to our clients’ requests. We encourage clients to customize their ideas for their catered events because we realize many of their guests go to multiple university social activities.

Q. Why is it important for the catering team to know so many details about my event?

A. Catering is all about details, so the more details our office can get the more seamless the service can be. Letting us know who’s coming to your event enables us to make the event more special and tailored to your needs.

Q. Are there special guidelines or policies I need to know?

A. All requestors are expected to be aware of university policies and guidelines regarding entertainment, receptions and meals before making any catering arrangements for functions and events to be paid from university accounts.

Q. I want you to cater my event. What information should I send you and how should I get it to you?

A. Let us know the number of people you plan on having attend, your budget, the venue, time of the event, if you have any preferences for display or a theme in mind, whether it’s a reception, snack or full meal and who will attend. All the details you can give will be helpful.
The optimum way is to contact us through e-mail at You also can call us at 996-6565 or communicate through our Web site at

Remember, any budget can be met if you’re willing to think outside the box. With the new Commons on the Green dining facility, the options for food and catering are endless. There’s a brick oven here for pizzas, a vegan bar with a variety of hummus and weekly international cuisine. UAB Campus Catering can serve nearly anything that will exceed expectations.