The UAB Research Foundation has been in the news recently with the announcement of a new venture capital fund it will partner in to help start new companies based on UAB technology in the Birmingham area.

But just what is the Research Foundation? And what does it do?

A separate non-profit entity created in 1986, the UABRF is involved in a wide variety of activities. Its primary responsibilities are to assure that UAB is compliant with federal laws and regulations pertaining to research and to handle all aspects of technology commercialization.  The latter responsibility has led to the foundation being frequently – and incorrectly – referred to as the “technology transfer office.”

The UABRF’s sole client is the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It is governed by a board of directors that includes university representatives and administration and faculty members, as well as leaders of the local business community. In addition to being subject to various policies established by the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees and the university, the UABRF manages its activities in a manner compliant with federal laws and regulations, including, for example, grant regulations of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The mission of the UAB Research Foundation, which is located on the 11th floor of the UAB Administration Building, is to be a professionally managed and faculty-responsive organization positioned to support the long-term goals of the university.  The UABRF is staffed by individuals with extensive experience in technology commercialization who possess advanced degrees in a wide variety of disciplines including but not limited to science, pharmacy, business and law.  

For more information on doing business with the UAB Research Foundation, call 934-9911 or visit their Web site.