The UAB Office of the Vice President for Research and the UAB Research Foundation have adopted new forms and processes designed to make it easier to disclose new inventions and ship research materials.

These changes are the result of an ongoing process – conducted with review and input from UAB faculty members – designed to increase the efficiency of UAB’s research operations. In direct response to faculty requests, the new forms all reflect the following:

• Availability in both PDF and Word formats
• Ability to download and type directly into the electronic document?
• Additional space provided in certain sections

Intellectual Property Disclosure Form and Revenue Distribution Agreement:
UAB employees and graduate students are required by the Patent Policy to disclose to the UAB Research Foundation (UABRF) any invention or discovery which they have conceived or developed or which has been conceived or developed under their direction during their UAB employment or enrollment. This disclosure to the UABRF is accomplished through the use of the Intellectual Property Disclosure Form and Revenue Distribution Agreement. In addition to the revisions described above, the new form contains expanded instructions and background information.

Material Transfer Agreements:
UAB policy requires that research materials be shipped into or out of the university only after the completion of an appropriate agreement executed by both the receiving and forwarding organizations. ?Earlier this year, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) streamlined the internal review mechanism, which resulted in significant gains in overall efficiency and timeliness. It was noted during this review that, historically, there has been a single form for both incoming and outgoing materials; this meant that in some instances, information was being requested that was not necessarily required.?In order to address this, the OVPR and UABRF have adopted a new system that incorporates separate forms for incoming and outgoing material; this will ensure that only the required information is requested.