The Animal Research Advisory Committee (ARAC) has been formed to provide advice to Richard Marchase, vice president for research and the institutional official responsible for research using animals.
The ARAC will focus on promoting synergistic interactions and problem-solving among the institutional official, the faculty, the Animal Resources Program (ARP) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The committee will meet quarterly to identify programmatic needs of UAB investigators who use animal models in research; to review the charges paid by investigators; and to review problems that are outside the specific areas of IACUC or ARP responsibilities or charges of inappropriate actions by the IACUC or ARP.  

The ARAC includes professors John Kearney, Yancey Gillespie, Paul Gamlin, Tom Clemens and Philip Wood, Chair Judith Kapp and Director Gene Hines of the IACUC, the interim director Sam Cartner of the ARP and the director Trenton Schoeb of the Comparative Pathology Laboratory. Lauretta Gerrity and Tim Crutchfield are ex officio members of the committee.  

Faculty members are encouraged to submit items for discussion to Kapp at or Marchase at