In a move to enhance information security, the university’s automatic leave accrual system (ALAS) has been upgraded to use employee identification numbers instead of Social Security numbers and to include the current organization codes.

The upgrade was done to protect sensitive information from unnecessary publication and to ensure standardization of data across the university.

“The reports from ALAS are accepted by the university for use when considering an employee’s leave of absence or to process appropriate vacation payments when someone is exiting his or her job,” said Don Roser, director of HRM Technology and Data Services.

“The Teacher’s Retirement System of Alabama also accepts these reports to vouch for unused sick leave accruals at the time of retirement,” Roser explained, noting that while ALAS reports are subject to audit to assure proper starting and ending balances, the methods used have been accepted as interpretation of policy. 

Roser said the rollout of the upgraded version of ALAS (for use with Windows Operating Systems 2000 or higher and MS Access XP or 2003) will be scheduled with current departmental users; those departments not using ALAS are encouraged to contact HRM Technology and Data Services at to schedule installation and training. Questions about ALAS or the registration process should also be directed to