Welcome to the new UAB Reporter! Not only have we changed its look and feel to make it more attractive and easier to read, the new larger format will enable us to include more information in each biweekly issue – particularly news about employee benefits and services that affect you personally.

We also want to look beyond the headlines to tell the stories of the men and women who work here and the way their efforts contribute to the ongoing success of this world-renowned research university and health care center.

Which is where you — the reader – come in. We hope that you will submit ideas, items and photographs to us so that we can fully realize our new mission of being a publication by and for the UAB community. Then, keep up with the news in the print edition, or online every day at our Web site, www.uab.edu/reporter. Online, you can find daily news briefs and weekly updates for the calendar of events, classified advertising and listing of grants and contracts awarded.

Thanks for reading the Reporter, now in its 30th year of publication. We look forward to hearing from you!

To contact us, send an e-mail to Reporter@uab.edu, or contact individual staff members:

Kristi Lamont Ellis, Director, Internal Communications & Relations
Telephone: (205)996-5765
Fax: (205)934-7911
E-Mail: kmle@uab.edu

Linda Gunter, Editor
Telephone: (205) 975-5533
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E-mail: lfg@uab.edu

Traci Bratton, Assistant Editor
Telephone: (205) 934-2040
Fax: (205) 934-7911
E-mail: traci@uab.edu

Tyler Greer, Writer/Project Specialist
Telephone: (205) 934-2041
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E-mail: tgreer@uab.edu