Melissa Deakle’s job is one with little room for error. As project coordinator in the Radiation Oncology Chair’s Office, she must gather information from doctors, dosimetrists and therapists conducting research studies and submit it to the study sponsors. The information has to be very specific and often must be presented on a very stringent timeline.

Melissa Deakle, project coordinator in the Radiation Oncology Chair’s Office, is April’s Employee of the Month.  Want to nominate someone for Employee of the Month? Send the information to Jason Turner at

“If I submit something late,” she says, “everyone will know about it.”

In her four-plus years as project coordinator, there hasn’t been a late radiation treatment submission yet. And that’s just part of the reason Deakle has been named April’s Employee of the Month.

“Melissa is one of those first-rate performers whom others respect and depend upon,” says Kristina Sinclair, research administrator in Radiation Oncology and Deakle’s supervisor. “In her role she has become a centralized figure for not only members of the research staff, but peripheral staff and faculty within and outside of our department and institution.”

Mark Hyatt, chief medical dosimetrist, says Deakle takes ownership in her job and exemplifies high confidence in the work she performs. Hyatt especially appreciates her diligence in collecting research data, saying Deakle has made the job for many in his department much easier.

“Melissa has greatly improved the process, communication and workflow within the treatment planning area by providing easy access to documentation needed for all research protocols,” Hyatt says. “She goes above and beyond to ensure information provided is correct, complete and accurate before submitting for review.”

Deakle says she is able to be successful because she continually works to simplify the process in collecting research data she needs. “I have to ask for so much information from everybody,” she says. “I figure the easier I make their job, the easier it is to do my job correctly.”

Positive energy
Deakle has been an asset on projects far beyond those defined in her primary role. She contributes greatly with her intellectual abilities, her positive energy and her dependability, says Mark Bassett, Ph.D., operations director in radiation oncology.

“For example, Melissa has been instrumental in the development of our new Web site, which is an activity outside the normal purview of a data coordinator but essential to the advancement of our department’s mission,” Bassett says. “Melissa is just highly dedicated and extremely dependable. She makes every effort to provide the highest quality services to her employer. I feel quite fortunate to have her as part of our team.”

Deakle says she is thankful to work with people she enjoys, adding that their drive and dedication make it fun to come to work. While she is appreciative of the employee of the month honor, she says, “It’s the department that makes me shine.

“I just believe strongly in doing the very best you can at your job, no matter what that job is,” she adds. “I would be failing my department, our patients and myself if I did not come into work every day and do my job to the very best of my ability.”