The UAB Campus Green is nearing completion and the target date is June 30, says Susan Zumbado, project manager.

Phase I of the Campus Green project should be complete by June 1 with the exception of the trees, which will be planted in the fall.
 Dates to note:
  • May 28 — Walkway connecting the Commons on the Green to the Campus Green will be poured.
  • June 6 — The irrigation system will be completed.
  • June 13 — All walkways will be completed.
  • June 20 — The sod is scheduled to by in place.
  • June 27 — The remainder of the Phase I work, including handrails and pre-cast caps, are scheduled to be completed, with the exception of trees and shrubs.

“By June 30 Phase I should be complete, with the exception of the trees.”  Zumbado says. “The landscape architect and our grounds department advised us to wait until the fall to the plant the trees.  That will increase their chance of survival especially if we have another dry summer.”

The Green will comprise the blocks bordered by University Boulevard to the north, 16th Street to the east, 14th Street to the West and 10th Avenue to the south. It will be divided into two parcels.

The North Green, which is 340 feet long and 240 feet wide, will include a stage. The South Green, a 320-foot square of green space, will have sidewalks with pedestrian lighting, decorative architectural landscape elements and trees; other features include a formal garden and corner plazas with planters.

“Right now we’re working to complete the grading and concrete bands on the east side of the site adjacent to the Campus Recreation Center and dining Commons as well as the north and south entrance plazas,” Zumbado says. “All concrete bands should be complete by June 6.”

Some unforeseen utility and grading issues at University Boulevard — including relocation of storm sewer and power boxes — slowed the construction of the walkway at the west corner of the Campus Rec Center, but it is scheduled to be complete by May 27. Brick pavers also are being installed on the east walkways and north and south entrances through June 13.

One group particularly excited about the progress of the Campus Green is the Office of Student Affairs.

Assistant Vice President Andy Marsch says that Student Life already is formulating plans for events on the Campus Green.

“We’re very excited about what the Campus Green is going to do for the UAB campus atmosphere,” Marsch says. “We want to use the space appropriately because it’s in the middle of the campus and near our classrooms, but at the same time we want it to be fun and useful for our students.

“I know they’re excited about its possibilities, and we are, too.”