Thursday and Friday Nov. 27-28 and Thursday, Dec. 25 and Thursday, Jan. 1, 2009, are official holidays according to university policy. Although most campus operations will be suspended on these days, essential services, such as maintenance, some clinical facilities and UAB Police among others, will continue. In those departments requiring essential services, managers are required to provide adequate staffing.  Therefore, it is essential to notify employees in advance of the work schedule to cover the holidays. 

All full-time regular hourly and monthly paid employees are eligible for designated holiday benefits. Under university policy, eligible full-time regular hourly paid employees who are required to work on a designated holiday will be paid double time (their normal straight time rate for work plus straight time for the holiday) for no more than eight hours.

Part-time regular employees receive personal holiday benefits rather than a combination of designated and personal holidays. The accrual rates for part-time regular bi-weekly paid employees are prorated based on hours paid. Part-time regular employees should always use the personal holiday or vacation designation on their time sheets for time off due to a university recognized designated holiday.

Eligible employees of the UAB Hospital, UAB Police, UAB Call Center and other designated units receive eleven personal holidays instead of eight designated and three personal holidays. Therefore, Hospital, Police, UAB Call Center and other designated unit employees are not subject to the above policy and should check with their supervisors regarding staff requirements.

For clarification of the holiday policy, please contact the Office of Human Resources.