Georgia Glover always has loved to do two things: Clean and paint.

It wasn’t uncommon to find her cleaning her room without being told to do so when she was a little girl. “My family says I was too clean,” she says. “I would clean the bathroom as soon as someone cleared out.”

Glover also has been obsessed with painting as long as she can remember. “I love to draw and paint; that’s my passion,” Glover says. “I doodled when I was in school more than paying attention to my teacher.”

Faculty and staff in the Department of Chemistry have seen her impressive art portfolio. But it’s her attention to detail and the caring manner she has in keeping the Chemistry Building clean that has led to her selection as December’s Employee of the Month.

Georgia Glover, December’s Employee of the Month, keeps the Chemistry Building clean during the day and pursues her passion for art at night.
Glover takes great pride in her work as an environmental services specialist, co-workers say, and makes every effort to have the Chemistry Building as close to perfect as she can. “Her work is impeccable,” says David Graves, Ph.D., chair of Chemistry. “Students and parents who visit the department are truly impressed by our facilities, and this is due to a great extent to the care, pride and competency of Ms. Glover.”

The Chemistry Building houses research, teaching and service missions, and more than 2,000 students per week come through its lecture hall and the third floor undergraduate chemistry laboratories.

In addition, the department hosts numerous events in its efforts to recruit students to UAB — events that result in visits to the department by potential students and their parents. Glover makes sure the building looks its best at all times.

“She will go the extra mile when necessary to have things spit-spot for occasions when the department needs to put its best foot forward,” says Laura Knighten, office services specialist II. “Georgia exemplifies an uncommon work ethic that is a shining example for others. Her love for God, people and her work is reflected in everything that she does.”

Glover makes no secret of her faith being the central part of her life. And when she has an opportunity to celebrate an achievement or help a co-worker through a difficult time,  she is eager to do what she can.

Tammie Ridley, an administrative assistant in Chemistry, says Glover comforted her recently when she was having a particularly bad day. “Georgia was passing by and with much concern came into my office, closed the door and began to pray with me,” Ridley says. “Her words of encouragement meant a great deal to me.”

Working toward GED
While Glover puts her heart and soul into her work between the hours of 4 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., her art is a priority when she has time for herself.

Trees, the ocean, birds, tigers and giraffes are some of her subjects. Her works have been shown on campus in the past, and she even has met with Gary Chapman, chair of the Department of  Art, who told her she had a unique talent.

The meeting has inspired Glover to do more. She is studying to obtain her GED and hopes to seek scholarships so she can enroll in art classes.

“It would be amazing to have an opportunity like that,” she says. “Ms. Laura Knighten approached me about getting my GED, so I’m going to go for it. I’m going online and getting material in the mail. I’ve really been studying, and I’m going to go take the test soon.

“Everyone here has been very faithful and friendly to me, and I thank God for them.”
Glover says the people in the Chemistry Building, including fellow environmental services specialist Sarah Boyd, make it fun to come to work. Glover says she enjoys putting on that first pot of coffee for them in the mornings, cleaning the floors and bathrooms and greeting everyone with a smile.

“It’s always a loving environment, and I’m fortunate to work with people with a loving heart,” Glover says. “I’ve always had a passion for cleaning, but it’s the people who make the difference here and who make it easy for me to do what I love what I do.”

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