UAB is participating in a drill from 8 a.m. to noon Tuesday, May 19 to evaluate the institution's preparedness and emergency response to bioterrorism acts in the city and on campus; the drill is also serving as one of UAB Hospital's two required annual drills. The exercise, conducted in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Public Health Center for Emergency Preparedness, is being held at various locations on campus, including UAB Hospital and Bartow Arena.

 Goals of the drill are to build capabilities in a variety of areas, including mass prophylaxis, and to enhance the coordination and cooperation between and among UAB, the Jefferson County Department of Health, Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency and the Alabama Department of Public Health.

 UAB is pleased to participate in this public health and safety exercise. In the event of an actual emergency, UAB uses a variety of methods to communicate with campus, including mass e-mails and emergency text messages, with the Web site serving as a central point of up-to-date information on any evolving situation.