UAB employees who meet a certain salary threshold, or whose job includes management of state funds in certain capacities, are required to file their annual Statement of Economic Interests form with the Alabama Ethics Commission by April 30.

The commission offers an online filing option at, or you may choose to print the form, complete and return it directly to the State of Alabama Ethics Commission, P.O. Box 302300, Montgomery AL 36130-2300.

An e-mail from the Ethics Commission ( will provide a code that confirms your form has been filed. Keep this confirmation code; you will need it to view your Statement of Economic Interests information during future visits to the site.

Employees who meet the filing criteria will receive a formal notice of this requirement at their UAB e-mail address. The letter instructs employees to log on to BlazerNET to download and print the form if they do not choose to file online. Once in BlazerNET (, employees should click on the Employee Resources tab and click on the link in the Human Resource Management channel.

Who must file?
• Persons whose base rate of pay at any time during calendar year 2008 would have annualized to $50,000 or greater are required to file, even if employment during the year was for a period as short as one day.
• Persons under that salary threshold whose job includes authority for procurement or investments are required to file.
• Persons whose pay and benefits come primarily from UAB Hospital are exempted from the filing requirement.