In early January Birmingham was experiencing one of its longest cold snaps on record, and it was causing Alison Kniseley a great deal of trouble.

Too hot? Too cold? Mason Baldwin is the man to call. Baldwin, building maintenance supervisor at Medical Towers, makes sure the building is a comfortable place for employees to work. His knowledge, desire to help others and his positive attitude have earned him the honor of being named Employee of the Month for March.
Kniseley, a training instructor in organizational development, entered the lab in Medical Towers to teach a class one morning and was greeted by air that was almost as cold inside as outside. Kniseley tracked down Mason Baldwin, the building maintenance supervisor, on his cell phone and told him about the problem.

“He came right up to see if he could correct the problem,” Kniseley says. “He told me there was an issue with the heat, but he located extension cords and heaters so we could get the temperature to an acceptable level and hold class.”

Baldwin’s co-workers often are impressed with his knowledge, desire to help others and his positive attitude. As a result, Baldwin has been selected March’s Employee of the Month.

“It’s gratifying no doubt, and it’s an honor that they think highly of my work,” Baldwin says. “I’m especially grateful that customers are happy. It’s wild to think that a bunch of people got together and took the time to nominate me for the award. I really enjoy working in Medical Towers and the people there. They really are a great bunch of folks.”

Kniseley says Baldwin kept her informed as work began to repair the heat. Baldwin assured her he would do what he could to get the problem repaired as soon as possible.

It quickly was discovered that the boiler was not working properly; more areas of the building were affected and began losing heat.

“Mason waited for repairmen to come that evening and worked late into the night,” Kniseley says. “He was back early the next morning to make sure we had heat.

“Mason looks for a way to solve any problem that comes his way, and when he finds things that need to be corrected in the building, he takes the initiative to fix it.”

Baldwin’s responsibilities in Medical Towers are numerous. If there is a heating, air, electrical, plumbing or carpentry issue, he is asked to repair it.

Mike Maner, manager of Computer & Technology Training, says there often are maintenance issues that arise in the older building, and Baldwin confronts each issue in a timely manner and with a cheerful attitude with the goal of minimizing interruption to a normal workday.

“Mason is willing to do what it takes and go the extra mile to make sure that the job is not just done, but done right,” Maner says. “While many would become frustrated with the volume of issues that arise, Mason appears to be tireless in his pursuit of correcting them and keeping an eye out for any others that may arise.

“He is a tremendously valuable asset to the residents of Medical Towers and all of UAB because of his outstanding example with his work ethic, quality of work, skills and expertise, and above all, his superb customer service,” Maner says.

Baldwin, who has worked maintenance in the building for four years, searches for ways to make the building run more efficiently when he is not answering service calls.

He has worked to get heat and air flowing through the elevator lobbies in the building, had all the exhaust fans repaired or replaced, replaced the fire pump and had every light retrofitted with electronic ballasts and lamps, which deliver good light and lower power bills.

“Every light is working, and it looks just lovely,” he says. “We’ll be re-lamping probably this year. We’ll change them all out and put new lamps in. We put that new technology of lights in the our parking deck, too, and they only take half the power of the old ones.”

Jodie Mote, treasurer and controller in the UAB Educational Foundation, says the improvements to the building are noticeable.

“Mason has stepped up the preventive maintenance, and we have noticed our equipment lasts longer and is efficient,” Mote says.

Baldwin’s supervisor, Tonya Zwiebel, says Baldwin’s work in Medical Towers is exemplary.

“Our office received comments all the time from tenants about the strong work ethic Mason demonstrates,” Zwiebel says. “He consistently is going above and beyond the call of duty and strives to make sure everything is running properly.”

Baldwin worked at Southland Electric before joining UAB, and he and his wife Marie worked together for years around Birmingham, installing fire alarms in commercial properties. The couple has been married for 45 years and have three children, 11 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Baldwin, 63, says he wants to continue working as long as he can.

“The house will be paid off when I’m 82,” he says with a laugh. “I’ve got to keep putting bread on the table.”

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