Want to take advantage of UAB's outstanding Educational Assistance Program benefit for your dependents/spouse? Then now is the time to re-certify them; the deadline is the fall 2010 Drop/Add date of Tuesday, Aug. 24.

Employees are required to re-certify eligible dependents/spouse annually before the fall semester; that means if you want to use this benefit in the 2010/2011 academic year, you need to go online to the Educational Assistance section of the Oracle self-service menu and update the form. Log in to Oracle via www.uab.edu, then Adminsystems link, then Oracle HR & Finance System.

Remember - any employee who had certified their eligible dependents for the 2009-10 academic year has had those certifications removed.

The certification form requires employees to enter the student's BlazerID on the Oracle self-service form in order to certify an eligible dependent/spouse. Once a student is accepted for admission to UAB, he or she will be notified by the Office of Admissions of the process to obtain a student BlazerID. The BlazerID is their sole identifier allowing them to securely access all of UAB's electronic information services.  The certification form also will validate the date of birth entered to ensure it matches the student system.

Please note that this only applies to dependents/spouse; Educational Assistance eligibility for the employee will continue to be electronically verified between HR and the Students Affairs area. Employees who meet all eligibility requirements for the program and are registered should see the educational assistance benefit applied to their account automatically. 

Need more information?
This benefit is available for all full-time regular and 3/12 hour shift employees and their dependents/spouse to help pay tuition costs. For all eligibility requirements and detailed information on the Educational Assistance Program, including dependents and spouses, visit http://www.uab.edu/policies/content/Pages/UAB-HR-POL-0000211.aspx.

All new students must meet UAB admission requirements. Admission requirements can be found at https://www.uab.edu/students/admissions.

Certification deadlines (Drop/Add dates) for each semester may be found at www.uab.edu/MasterCalendar/MasterCalendar.aspx. If certification is not completed prior to the Drop/Add dates for each respective term, educational assistance will not be applied.

For any questions regarding certification and re-certification for educational assistance, contact your HR consultant directly or HR Benefits at 934-3458.