Cosmic Night includes a heaping of fun, free activities (with lasers)

Cosmic Night info posterThis Friday, you could drive out to the local family fun center and plunk down $25 or more for a round of putt-putt golf and a couple laser tag battles. Then you could buy some overpriced pizza that's been sitting under a heat lamp all day. And you could finish your evening off with a visit to the multiplex, plunking down another $10 for a movie. All for a grand total of around $40.


You could stay on campus and head over to the Rec Center for Cosmic Night where you'll find Laser Tag, Cosmic Mini-Golf, a Graffiti Wall, free food, and a screening of the history-sprawling sci-fi epic "Cloud Atlas." And it's not just the food that's free -- the whole experience is free!

Since there's a lot going on, here's a breakdown of what's happening when and where...

Friday, January 25 in the UAB Campus Recreation Center
6-7 pm: Laser Tag (for Rec Center members, family, & friends)
7-11 pm: Laser Tag, Cosmic Mini-Golf, and free food (for students & friends)
8-11 pm: Cloud Atlas (showing in the 4-court gym)
9-11 pm: Graffiti Wall

Here's an extended trailer for "Cloud Atlas," directed by Lana & Andy Wachowski and Tom Twyker, and based on the novel by David Mitchell.

Oh, and if you were wondering what makes Cosmic Night "cosmic?" It glows in the dark.