Who should play at UAB's 2013 Fall Concert on the Green?

2013 Fall Concert PollBlaze Productions wants your help in selecting the acts for the next Fall Concert on the Green to be held at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.

The students of Blaze Productions have extensively researched artists and put together a list of great (and realistic) choices for you to pick from. Student Life will make the winner of the poll its top priority in its booking efforts. Nevertheless, top priority does not necessarily mean booking is guaranteed.

Options include: Dev, Karmin, Rita Ora, Mutemath, Alex Clare, and Travis Porter.

Our poll will be up until Sunday, March 29, so be sure to vote for your favorite artist/group and tell all of your friends to vote too! BlazerNet login is required to vote.

Voting is now closed

Sample music from each choice is provided below to help you make an informed decision. Note: Most videos will require you to click through to watch directly on YouTube, which will open in a new window.



Rita Ora


Alex Clare

Travis Porter