Vote for Blaze in Conference USA Mascot Showdown

Blaze faces Seymour D'Campus in the second round of the Conference USA Mascot Showdown.Who's the best mascot in Conference USA? The answer is obvious. It's Blaze!

UAB has the chance to tell the world what we know already (if you did not know the answer already, please see in the Conference USA Showdown!

UPDATE: Blaze handily beat Riptide in Round 1 with 470 likes/276 shares to 133 likes/102 shares.

We'd assumed all the Round 1 teams would compete first, but it now looks Round 2 will begin early, with Blaze squaring off against Seymour D'Campus of Southern Miss.

Round 2 voting runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 16. Go to the Conference USA Facebook page and cast your vote for Blaze by clicking "Like" and "Share" on his individual post (only Blaze's post from 10/16 will count for Round 2). The mascot with the most likes and shares moves on to the next bracket.

Blazers, unite and help propel our mascot to another victory!