Pieces of HUC preserved all over campus

HUC front desk in Rast HallYou may not notice upon first glance, but there are familiar pieces of the now-demolished Hill University Center dotted all around campus. Sustainability efforts in the construction of a new student center led to finding new use for many items that were once located both inside and outside the HUC.

If you're up for a scavenger hunt, here's where you'll find some of the repurposed material:

  • Front desk used in Rast Hall
  • Carpet from One Stop used in Housing
  • Furniture from Board Room used by Athletic Department and HR.
  • Artwork from One Stop used in Smolian International House
  • Water heaters pulled to be reused
  • Fire alarm panel and devices pulled to be used for spare parts for other buildings on campus
  • Variable Speed Drives pulled from air handlers to be used elsewhere on campus
  • Wire pulled by communications
  • Food service equipment pulled to reuse
    • Stove – Commons
    • Ice maker – Commons
    • Tables and chairs – Diner
    • Mill work (cabinets and counters) – C-Store
    • Coffee Shop (HUC Café) furniture to be used in Sandella’s (opening soon in Lister Hill Library)
  • Picnic tables used elsewhere on campus
  • Benches used elsewhere on campus
  • Cubicles from IT area used in Smolian International House
  • Security Cameras used for C-Store
  • Light fixtures pulled to have supply
  • TVs used in Housing and Rec. Center
  • Corner guards used by Rec. Center
  • Bulletin Boards used by Housing and Rec. Center
  • Slat board from Bookstore used in C-store in Camp Hall and Rec. Center Pro Shop
  • First floor lobby furniture used in Rec. Center

In addition to reusing items, departments were required to digitize, purge, and recycle paper before moving out.