Complete the Rec Center's summer Instagram challenge

Rec Center July Photo Challenge list on InstagramThe folks at UAB's Campus Recreation Center are always aiming to inspire health and fitness, and for the month of July they've initiated an Instagram photo challenge to do just that.

Each day, participants are tasked with sharing a photo with a specific theme. Use the hashtag #JulyPhotoChallenge on each one to join the fun. However, since other #JulyPhotoChallenge hashtags are already in play from various groups, you should probably also tag your photos with something like #UAB, #InstagramUAB, or #UABshare.

Be creative with your submissions, and see how many items on the list you can achieve! (And if you're not already doing so, don't forget to follow UABCampusRec on Instagram.)

  1. Inspirational Selfie
  2. Workout Tune
  3. Summertime
  4. Fireworks
  5. Fun in the Sun
  6. Healthy Nibbles
  7. Move It
  8. On the Track
  9. Wellness
  10. Rec Selfie
  11. Fresh Fruit
  12. Cheat Mal
  13. Chill Day
  14. Fitness
  15. Smoothie
  16. Break a Sweat
  17. Sports (Watch/Play)
  18. Flexing
  19. Water
  20. Best Workout Moves
  21. Pool Time
  22. Workout Gear
  23. Parks n' Rec
  24. Workout Buddy
  25. Summer Night Sky
  26. Fresh Food/Market
  27. Yoga/Zumba
  28. Adventure Time
  29. Rec Class
  30. UAB Gear
  31. Fun Before Fall