The Football Game Shuttles Return

Back this year - shuttles to all home football games.  Get all the details you need here, and avoid paying for parking.
Parking at the game will run you something close to $8, and what student can afford to throw that kind of money away?  Take up the free option and ride the shuttle.  You can imagine it as a pep rally on wheels.

Shuttles begin at Blazer-Camp Hall circle and run for the two hours prior to kick-off.  Buses start picking up for return to campus at 5 minutes left in the game and up until 15 minutes after the game ends.  Shuttle buses, including a handicapped-equipped bus, will run for every home game.
Make sure you attend all home games like a true Blazer, and catch the shuttle to make your trip even easier.

*Click image to see the shuttle schedule for this season.
UAB's football schedule