Let GPS guide you to Graduation

Your path to graduation can become very overwhelming. Making decisions about your plan can feel like mapping out your entire career trajectory, but you're not - you are simply mapping out your undergraduate education. Still sound overwhelming? We think UAB's new Graduation Planning System can help...a lot.

GPS is a tool that UAB will be releasing to all undergraduate students by this fall, starting with the School of Engineering on April 16th.  The software allows students and advisors to track progress toward graduation by clearly listing completed and incomplete requirements through an easy-to-understand color code. Later this year students and advisors will be able to compose electronic four-year degree plans.

The GPA calculator lets you put in the grades you think you'll make, and it calculates what your GPA will be in that scenario. You can also tell the calculator what you'd like your GPA to be, and it will let you know what grades you need to make in order to get there. Nifty.

Probably the most exciting feature is the "What If" tool. This is your pick-a-major nightmare turned into a dream. You can select majors and minors you are thinking about and the "What If" tool will tell you how much longer you'll be in school to complete the related requirements. You might wonder if there's a shorter path to graduation or if you could pick up an additional major without too much delay - "What If" will give you the answers you need to make a smart decision.

School of Engineering students now have access to GPS and can start exploring by following the instructions here.
We'll update you as GPS is released to other schools.

For more information, visit uab.edu/gps.