Inspire at Ignite Birmingham

What could you do with 5 minutes and 20 slides? That's the challenge students and faculty who participate in UAB Ignite will face. Ignite is a Birmingham activity that has grown in popularity over the last year, bringing together the best of our city's presenters and ideas and helping them hone in on what matters.

You can check out Ignite Birmingham's Youtube channel for more examples, and here's one:

Often the moment a professor assigns a presentation nearly everyone in the room grimaces with disappointment. So why voluntarily sign up to make yet another presentation? Because storytelling is essential. No matter what you're filling your academic studies with, whether it be research or writing or acting, you are telling a story - taking what you believe to be important and illustrating it in an interesting format for someone else. Perhaps storytelling is the best skill you could be practicing in your time as a student.

UAB Ignite will be the energetic environment it's name suggests, and whether you present or just come out to watch, make sure you don't miss it.

Submissions are due Sept. 12.

Ideas will be presented Thursday, Sept. 20 in the Edge of Chaos in Lister Hill Library 4th Floor.

Details can be found at Tech Lister.