Stay in the know with eNotify system

enotify-artAs a UAB student, you're likely already familiar with the B-ALERT system. Whenever there's severe weather or urgent campus information, all students receive an immediate notification via SMS text messaging or automated voice call messaging.

But not every notification has to be news of distress.

UAB's eNotify program lets you opt in for various other instant updates using the same system as B-ALERT.

Categories include:

Alerts from the Canvas system regarding new assignments, grade postings, etc.

Used for sending BlazerID password reset codes, and potentially to support some forms of two-factor authentication.

Student Services
Critical student information, including payment reminders, early alerts, registration reminders, and other academic notices.

All other communications, including news and information about UAB, announcements of upcoming events, etc.

For each category you select, you can also choose the level of attention it receives, with options for notifications to be sent to multiple phone numbers.  For instance, if you wanted to stay on top of the latest Student Services updates, you could adjust your settings to send a text to your cell and a voice message to both your cell and home phone.

It's all geared round getting the information you value most into your hands as quickly as possible.  And with another safety net in place to make sure you don't miss important announcements, you can relax a little more and enjoy college life.

Click here to sign up for eNotify.