How to Choose a Strong Password

Password Requirements

In order to maintain password security, UAB passwords must follow these standards:

  • Your password must be between 8-32 characters in length (minimum: 8 characters, maximum: 32 characters).
  • Your password must use characters from at least three of the following sets:
    • lowercase letters
    • capital letters
    • numbers
    • symbols [excluding equal sign (=) comma (,) quotation marks (' or ") and spaces/blanks]
  • Your password must not contain your name.
  • Your password must not contain your BlazerID.

Password Recommendations

  • Your password should not contain any part of your own name, or the names of family, friends, or pets.
  • Your password should not include your phone number, social security number, or birth date.
  • Your password should not be a single word, in any common language.

Note that strong passwords do not have to be difficult to remember; combining a couple of familiar words and either replacing one letter with a number, or separating the words with a number or acceptable punctuation, is a common way of creating a password that is both easy to recall by you and hard to guess by others.