Part-Time Jobs

U.S. Citizens

There are plenty of advantages to working your way through college: The money is nice. You get to bring experience and contacts to your job search that other candidates might not have. You can learn more about yourself, your talents, and your interests within your chosen field. And you’ll be able to talk to your grandkids about working to put yourself through college (Feel free to embellish—we won’t rat you out).

Birmingham is a great place to find the right part-time job—it’s a major business center in the Southeast, home to medicine, industry, banking, and more. Many companies in town have close relationships with UAB to help connect them with promising students (and vice-versa) and are happy to bring in paid interns, co-ops, and part-timers for hands-on work and experience that wouldn’t be available without UAB connections.

UAB Career and Professional Development isn’t just available to graduating students—they’re the place to go to prepare for, search for, and find part-time work while you’re still studying. Talk to them for advice and guidance, and check out DragonTrail Jobs, their online career management tool, for openings and opportunities to make a little money and ease your financial way through college.


International students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week on campus only. UAB has many opportunities for on campus employment such as working in offices, the Campus Recreation center, the libraries, the hospital, UAB Campus Restaurants, facilities and grounds, and much more. Volunteer opportunities and unpaid internships are other great ways to help build experience for your future career.