Project Status

The Online Catalog project is comprised of the following steps. Check back occasionally for updates about the progress of this project.

Phase Description Target Date Status
I. Provide current catalog to vendor for transition to online format. July 2011 Complete
II. Provide Banner feed of courses to vendor. August 2011 Complete
III. Meet with vendor for pilot and to make format and other decisions. September 2011 Complete
IV. Vendors provides on-site pilot presentation for school and departmental catalog editors. September 2011 Complete
V. Office of the Registrar proofreads online catalog for consistency with previously published PDF version. October 2011 Complete
VI. Schools make final review of online catalog. October 2011 Complete
VII. 2011-2012 online undergraduate catalog launched. Week of November 7, 2011 Complete
VIII Train school/departmental editors to edit the 2012-2013 catalog. January 24-25, 2012 Complete
IX. All 2012-2013 catalog edits due to Office of the Registrar March 15, 2012 Complete
X. 2012-2013 undergraduate catalog published online May 2012 Upcoming