Crisis Services

The Office of Student Engagement is charged with helping students in distress who are facing any of a variety of potential crises. Whether a student is struggling with mental health issues, coping with a death in the family, or recovering from an assault, the office of Student Engagement can assist with referrals for treatment and working with teachers and other departments to ensure that things like grades or scholarships aren't compromised in the meantime.

Additionally, their office oversees non-academic conduct and works to hold students accountable to their responsibility in the community.

While we can't pretend that bad things don't happen, we do at least strive to keep them from happening. Preventative education regarding alcohol, substance abuse, sexual violence, stalking, harassment, internet safety and more is also available through the Office of Student Engagement.

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Contact the Office of Student Engagement

Physical address:
1715 Building
1715 9th Ave. South
Phone: (205) 975-9509