Career & Professional Development

Our focus is on your future—and that doesn’t stop at graduation.

Helping you earn your degree is only the beginning. We also want to help you explore all of your career options, get experience in your chosen field, search for jobs, practice interviewing, and land that job you’ve always wanted (or one that will put you squarely on the path toward it).

UAB Career and Professional Development has resources to help you:

  • Assess suitable career matches
  • Create an action plan for life after college
  • Clean up your resume and write a good cover letter
  • Shadow a real, live professional to see what goes on in your real, live profession
  • See how volunteering can help your career
  • Learn how to interview (an art and a science)
  • Learn how to network effectively and shake hands with the right people
  • Visit on- and off-campus career fairs to meet those people
  • Search job openings in the United States and abroad

Our DragonTrail Jobs career management site helps you find opportunities for co-ops, internships, and part-time and full-time jobs—and it helps employers find you. Starting college is a lot easier when you know someone will be there with you for the big finish.

For more information, visit UAB Career and Professional Development.