UAB Spirit

Have you ever painted yourself green and/or sprinkled yourself with gold dust in preparation for a football game? Have you ever wanted to? Of course you have. Now’s your chance. Or lose the paint and wear a band hat with one of those fuzzy things instead—UAB offers plenty of ways to get behind the Blazers and show your school spirit.

UAB Marching Blazers

Marching Blazers

As a musically inclined Blazer, you can get on the field as part of the Marching Blazers. The band plays at all UAB home games, travels with the team once or twice a season, and plays at festivals throughout the Southeast. They get the spirit started with their pregame show and keep it going through halftime—no student can resist that rumble when the drum line kicks up. (And how about that thing where the whole band runs out in this huge, unformed mass, and when they stop, they’re making some really cool formation? We love that thing.)

Pep Band

Bartow Arena is a rather tight space for marching, but the Blazer Pep Band is there to bring spirit to men’s and women’s basketball games. On a crisp winter night, there’s nothing like the squeak of basketball shoes, the roar of the fans, the thoop of the T-shirt cannon, and the unrestrained rocking out of the Pep Band bringing it all together.



There can be only one. Fuzzy yet fearsome, UAB’s costumed mascot puts the Blaze in Blazers at UAB games and campus activities and community events. We know Blaze could totally breathe fire if he wanted to—he just doesn’t want to scare the kids.


UAB Spirit team 2015-2016

Cheerleaders and Golden Girls

If you’ve got rhythm but you don’t exactly have music, UAB’s cheerleaders and Golden Girls are an opportunity to get out there, energize the fans, and shake it like Polaroid pictures aren’t actually meant to be shaken. (Guys, too—less shaking it, more lifting girls over their heads with one hand it.) On the sidelines or on the field, the cheerleaders and Golden Girls are always a hit.