Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct

Your first priority at UAB is to get a great education, plain and simple. The Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct Policy, maintained by the Office of Student Advocacy, Rights and Conduct, provides the guidelines that protect your chance at getting that top-quality education by setting the standard for what it means to be a successful student.

Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct Policy
Report a Violation of the Code of Conduct
The Office of Student Advocacy, Rights and Conduct, specifically with regards to student conduct is one of many channels that the university can use to foster the personal development of its students. In cases where a student engages in non-academic misconduct, the conduct process is also an approach that we use to protect the safety of the university community. While the conduct process does adjudicate misconduct, it is not a legal system. The conduct process does not use the same procedures, burdens of proof, or rules of evidence as the legal systems. In order to maintain an educational tone, the university takes steps to ensure that the process is as non-adversarial as possible, while still safeguarding the rights of students.

The non-academic misconduct process is an integral part of the educational mission and goals of UAB and Student Experience. The Office of Student Advocacy, Rights and Conduct oversees and implements the non-academic misconduct process. The nonacademic misconduct process is designed to provide and help maintain an educational atmosphere with emphasis on developing individual understanding and acceptance of personal and social responsibilities; creating a sense of belonging within a welcoming environment; and challenging and supporting students to reflect, integrate, and act upon their UAB experience.