Student Media

Interested in being the next Emily Dickinson? The next Woodward and/or Bernstein? The next… some famous deejay we don’t know? Get involved, get your byline (or your voice) out there, share your views, and make your mark on campus—and beyond campus—with UAB’s active and respected student media.


UAB’s internet radio station provides music, news, talk, and more from students like you. Students brave enough to sit in front of the microphone get to choose their own formats and their own music styles to suit audiences of all types. Students behind the scenes work in programming, promotion, production, and management. And listeners around the world get the benefit from 24 daily hours of entertainment at

Kaleidoscope Newspaper

UAB’s weekly student-run newspaper spotlights the news, features, and opinions that matter to you (and if not you, students very much like you). Students pitch the stories, write the stories, edit the stories, and publish the paper that’s available around campus and online. Get a byline that really means something.

Aura Literary Arts Review

Your inner artist can find a home in UAB’s student-staffed literary arts review. Student poetry, short stories, artwork, and photography are published twice a year and available on and off campus. You can bulk up your resume and your portfolio with one striking publication.


In today's age of digital broadcasting, UAB TV features Blazer video newscasts and features by students, about not just students but about things that matter to students.