Admission Requirements for Specific Programs

The programs listed below have additional admission requirements for direct entry into the major. All (except music) require placement into MATH 105. Please see below for options to meet the math requirement.

Place at or above MATH 105 by submitting any one of the following:

  1. Advanced Placement (AP) score
    Calculus AB Minimum score – 3
    Calculus BC Minimum score – 3

  2. International Baccalaureate (IB) score
    Mathematics (HL) Minimum score – 4
    Further Mathematics (SL) Minimum score – 5
    Mathematical Methods (SL) Minimum score – 5
    Mathematical Studies (SL) Minimum score – 5

  3. Cambridge International A Level
    Mathematics (A/AS) Exam Grade A*– E
    Further Mathematics (A/AS) Exam Grade A*– E

  4. Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) examinations
    Mathematics (A/AS) Exam Grade A – E
    Further Mathematics (A/AS) Exam Grade A – E
    Statistics (AS) Exam Grade A – E

  5. SAT or ACT scores
    SAT (math score minimum)   ACT (math score minimum)   GPA (minimum out of 4.0)
    520 OR 22 AND 3.5
    540 OR 23 AND 3.0
    560 OR 24 AND 2.5
    580 OR 25 AND 2.0

  6. Complete the UAB Math Placement Test
    Students who choose to take the math placement test in lieu of submitting any one of the test scores above will be offered admission to the university as a Liberal Arts major. The math placement test will be administered during orientation. Students will be placed into a math course based on the results of the test.