Study Away

Welcome to UAB. Now leave.

No, not really. But kind of. Sometimes the most inspiring and exciting college experiences happen off campus—way off campus. A study abroad, in another country or even just in another state, is a great way to broaden your horizons, explore a new culture, immerse yourself in a different language (even if that language is just "Bostonian"), and find out what French food tastes like when it’s prepared by an actual French person in actual France.

Whether you’ve been wanting to do a study abroad since you heard about the concept or only just found the inspiration in that last paragraph, you should check out UAB Study Away. It has programs in 27 different countries (and a cruise ship), on 31 subjects, for both short and lengthy terms. Study in English or a local language, study with UAB professor or not, study with students from the USA or locals—you’ll have lots of options for customizing your trip. And financial aid is available to help you stretch your budget. So you really have no excuse not to study abroad if it’s what you really want to do.

(Nerves are natural in this kind of situation, by the way. The important thing is that you go through with it in spite of them. You’ll be glad you did.)

For more information, visit UAB Study Away