Jazmund Walker

Admissions Counselor  Jazmund Walker

  Birmingham, AL

Alma Mater:  UAB

Education:  BA in Communication Studies

What did you wish you had known when you were starting college? 
I wish I’d taken an earlier advantage of the many academic resources at UAB to help me succeed, such as free university-wide tutoring, peer-help groups, and instructors’ meeting availability outside of class. It took me a while to understand that asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. Most importantly, I would have applied to school a lot sooner in the semester and retaken my ACT numerous times to make a higher score in order to be eligible for more scholarship opportunities.

You know you’re at UAB when…
...you see tall towering city buildings, construction (because we are always reinventing ourselves by building the next best thing to improve campus), and a mass amount of young people busily walking across campus while chatting with each other. I love that UAB has such a lively, diverse, welcoming environment.

What is your favorite thing to do around Birmingham?
I love going to the movie theater and checking out posh new restaurants. Plus, I have the most fun skating, playing laser tag, and driving the go-karts at Trussville Playstation. In the hot summer months I cool off at Splash Adventure Waterpark. In addition, Birmingham Fashion Week is an annual must for fashion addicts!

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