Student Feedback Form

Student Feedback Form

Students who wish to file a complaint against a staff member or service provided through the Office of Undergraduate Admission must do so in writing. A complaint form may be downloaded from the website or may be obtained in Room 260 of the Hill University Center. This policy does not apply to university policies such as sexual harassment, equity/diversity complaints, admission decisions, residency decisions, academic and non academic conduct and other student grievance
policies addressed in academic catalogs and the student handbook Direction.

Informal Complaints
Before making written complaints, students are encouraged to seek resolutions by discussing them informally with the relevant staff member who is most associated with the matter. A staff member with whom a concern is raised by a student is expected to deal with the matter in an open and professional manner and to take reasonable and prompt action to try to resolve it informally. A student who is uncertain about how to seek informal resolution of a concern is encouraged to seek advice from the Director of Undergraduate Admission.

Formal Complaints
Where it has not been possible to resolve a concern informally, a student may make a formal complaint. Formal complaints must be submitted in writing on the prescribed form. The written complaint must be submitted within one month after the occurrence of the action or matter unless the Director of Undergraduate Admission agrees to receive it beyond this time frame (If the complaint involves the Director of Undergraduate Admission, the form should be submitted to the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management).
The Director will maintain a file of all documentation in relation to the consideration of the complaint. The Director must assure that any staff member named in the complaint receives a copy as soon as possible. Complaints will be acknowledged by the Director within three working days. The resolution process may include meetings with relevant staff and/or the complainant. Should a meeting be held, the parties may, if they wish, be accompanied by a peer support person.

Resolution of Complaints
The Director must make a decision in relation to the complaint and must communicate in writing his or her decision within 30 days of receiving the complaint. If the resolution of the complaint involves a potential grievance for an employee, the Director must follow the appropriate procedures in the UAB employee handbook.

A student who is dissatisfied with the decision under this policy may appeal to the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management. An appeal must be submitted in writing within two weeks of the letter communicating the decision. The Associate Provost will consider the relevant documentation and may, at his or her discretion, consult the Director who made the decision. If he or she determines that the complaint process has been conducted in accordance with this policy and the outcome is appropriate,
the Associate Provost may dismiss the appeal. Otherwise, he or she will decide on the appeal in consultation with the Director and any other involved parties. The Associate Provost will communicate his or her appeal decision in writing to the parties involved.

All student-related information will be considered confidential and protected under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). Records relating to employees and other records that do not include student information are not confidential.