Blazing Start Program

What is Blazing Start?

Blazing Start is a program that is focused on student success. Through intensive advising and on-going academic support, students in this program will spend their first year at UAB gaining the skills that will propel them to academic success and carve a clear path to graduation.

Blazing Start students will enroll in prescribed courses, including one centered on academic skills.

Can I apply for the Blazing Start Program?

Students do not apply for the Blazing Start program; rather, students who have completed the application for admission are selected for the program based on a review of their academic record.

Next Steps?

If you have been offered admission into Blazing Start you must accept your offer of admission by May 1, as space in the program is limited. Simply log on to your MyUAB to inform us of your decision.


If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Office of Admissions at 205-934-8221.