Select a meal plan

A wide variety of delicious, appealing foods at good prices in many convenient locations. Think we’re bluffing? Try us. Anywhere you are on campus, you’re within easy reach of good eats, whether it’s the numerous food stations at the Commons on the Green, a quick bite at Einstein Bros. Bagels, or a latte with a shot at the Starbucks in Sterne Library (don’t spill).

UAB Campus Restaurants offers a number of affordable meal plans—if you're living on-campus, you'll be required to buy one. You can use your Meal Plan at all campus dining locations. Your meal plan comes with Meals that can be used at The Commons on the Green and a declining balance account that can be used at any dining location on-campus. All full-time students are assessed a Campus Dining Fee as part of your tuition and fees—this goes on your ONE Card as Dining Dollars, which you can use at any campus dining facility just like regular money. But it’s regular money that can’t get stolen if your wallet falls out of your backpack.

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