Bob Shepard

Bob Shepard

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Civitan International Research Center; CCTS, emergency medicine; Health System Administration; School of Medicine (administration, student news, education); neurology; neurosurgery; psychiatry and behavioral neurobiology; pulmonary, allergy and critical care medicine; orthopedic surgery, Reynolds Historical Library; Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences; Lister Hill Library; trauma, burns and surgical critical care
The UAB Health System again is noted for its use of information technology to improve health care.

Lister Hill Library at UAB hosts major community health fair.

A high-school volunteer with a UAB safety lab was recognized for her PSA.

An innovative program to screen patients in UAB’s emergency department helps identify people who don’t know they are positive for the virus that causes AIDS.

Girkin will serve on the editorial board of an international association's journal.

A nationally known researcher on disability and rehabilitation will chair the Department of Occupational Therapy.

New UAB research says increases in a woman’s temperature linked to length of labor, body weight.

What you have for breakfast might help, or hurt, your body’s efforts to burn fat later in the day, say UAB researchers hoping to learn more.

Neurology and pediatrics professor elected to national society.

Physical therapy faculty member elected chair of a national specialty board.

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